Natural Healing Therapeutic Massage is committed to promoting better health and well-being in a professional, ethical and nurturing environment. We will provide the best possible care through education and various massage and bodywork techniques.

Natural Healing Therapeutic Massage


Licensed and Board Certified Massage Therapist

Massage, Reiki, Pranic Healing and Yoga

Susan Laurent, ​BCTMB, LMT, CIMI, NAT

Natural Healing Therapeutic Massage, PLLC is a therapeutic massage practice that focuses on naturally healing the body through specific massage modalities that are tailored to the patient’s needs. Our goal is to tailor the client’s experience based on initial interview information, as well as in-the-minute feedback during the massage, to insure the client’s comfort and satisfaction. We intend to offer massage that is effective, yet respectful of the client’s personal boundaries, so that the experience is relaxing and energizing for both the client and the provider. We are mindful of the overall experience – using quality oils and lotions, appropriate scents, and soothing music, nature sounds or silence – as the client prefers.


Natural Healing Therapeutic Massage

Susan Laurent, BCTMB, LMT, CIMI, NAT

Susan Laurent is an Honor Graduate from Baker College of Clinton Twp. with focus in Therapeutic Massage. Susan is Board Certified through the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (BCTMB/NCBTMB), Licensed Massage Therapist/State of Michigan (LMT), Certified Infant Massage Instructor through International Loving Touch Foundation (CIMI), Certified in the Neil Asher Technique (NAT) in trigger point therapy and Reiki Master. A member of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA). Susan is a former Baker College Massage Instructor. Susan is also the co-owner of Cityoga Room in Mount Clemens.

Susan is a spiritual healer and healing empath. By way of Reiki, quantum touch and energetic therapies, Susan uses a gentle, non-invasive technique to clear, energize and balance the body’s chakras and environmental energy fields. This type of energy healing compliments conventional health care and promotes physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and healing. Susan’s goal is to help her clients achieve complete well-being, empowerment and transformation in all areas of their life. She will assist you in recognizing that all that occurs in one’s life (body) is due to the energy that is carried within your being. By assisting you to a conscious level of awareness you will begin to release the unconscious patterns and receive total healing transformation.

Tori Surowiec, Licensed Esthetician

Tori Surowiec first got her start in the beauty industry in 2013, attending Michigan Makeup Academy majoring in Beauty, Film & Special FX makeup. Tori takes the skills shes acquired from beauty makeup and applies it to eyebrow shaping. Tori also took a Sleek Brows course in Chicago to advance her eyebrow skills. Tori then wanted to learn more about skincare and attended Douglas J Aveda and is now a licensed esthetician in the state of Michigan. Following Tori's passion of body waxing & beauty, she is now working as an independent body wax specialist to give you the best care & knowledge that you deserve!


What Customers Say

Susan Laurent, ​BCTMB, LMT, CIMI, NAT

  1. Anyone who knows me, knows how I feel about this place. However I must reiterate, today I walked in broken…and came out fixed. Hip pain, gone. Lower back pain, gone. Pressure in my face and temple, relieved. No medication, and no side effects…other than an open mind and a true sense of wellness. Give the girl a call, and give yourself a chance to enjoy life at a different level. Susan is the best at what she does. And I believe in her.
    Mike B.
  2. I have never met someone quite like Susan, and I mean that in the most astonishing way possible. I’ve been going to her for years for massages, but most recently we started with Pranic Healing and Reiki. Since I started this journey with Susan, I can say I am not the same person that walked into her office that September evening. She has made such an impact in my life for the better and I am immensely grateful. Any time I cross paths with anyone who mentions they are in need of healing or a massage, my response is always, “You need to see Susan!” She has so much passion for what she does and I would recommend her over and over again without hesitation.
    Samantha C.
  3. Had the most *amazing* massage today! Cross between Swedish-deep tissue-reiki-chakra aligning. Feel like a new person! She fixed things I didn’t realize we’re broken! More of a healer. Highly recommend Susan”
    Sarah D.
  4. Since meeting Susan, she has changed my life immensely. Through the several sessions she offers, I now have new hope, a new vision, and a new direction in my life. I now know my purpose in life and I am working towards that goal. Susan is amazing. Let her help you on your journey where you can look forward and never look back.
    Mary L.
  5. Excellent atmosphere with surround sound and utmost professionalism. I loved all the healing options available to address my sport and auto accident related injuries! Susan is very easy to talk to and highly knowledgeable regarding many health topics.
    Jessica W.
  6. I’ve been on Susan’s table more times than I can count (sometimes walking upright, sometimes as a limping ball of knots in the vague shape of a human) and every time I leave like a cooked noodle. A smiling cooked noodle. That trigger point thing she does really gets to the source of all my problems. She has an almost superhuman ability to seek and destroy problem areas, even issues I didn’t know I had, and she does it all with such upbeat good humor that it’s impossible to feel anything less than incredible by the time I’m done. The studio is brand new, nicely decorated and very tranquil. Definitely worth the 20 mile drive from Detroit!
    Manzin D.
  7. Susan is quite frankly the most knowledgeable and talented massage therapist I’ve ever known. Her healing ability is in the range of magical. Susan is a huge part of what helps me continue to abuse my body athletically. I hurt something and she fixes it. She’s also a fabulous person.
    Kernan M.
  8. Fantastic massage! I highly recommend Sue. My daughters surprised me with a Father’s Day present of a gift certificate toward my massage. Sue set it up & let my daughters decorate the room. Thanks Sue!
    Bill D.
  9. My first time ever getting a massage was from Susan and I honestly wouldn’t want to go to anyone else. Before Susan, my back was terrible and my shoulders were uneven and full of knots. She pretty much put me back together and I’ve never felt better! Very professional, educated, and super fun to talk to! I always look forward to my appointments and I highly recommend anyone new to massage to go here. Oh and you get a free water or apple to take with.
    Tori S.
  10. As someone with chronic pain, I’ve had a lot of massages in my life, with mixed results. Susan is the best of the best, with a great spirit and a great laugh and wonderful healing hands. Warning: she may spoil you for all other massage therapists.
    John C.
  11. Susan, you are an amazing massage therapist. Thank you so much. My lower back and hip haven’t felt this normal in a long time and my sinus pressure is gone. I’ll be back.
    Amy L.
  12. Exceptional!!! Very professional and they really know their stuff. The rates are more-than-fair and you ‘ll feel like one of the family!!!
    Chris B.
  13. Great job as always
  14. I always have an amazing session with Susan. She is a great person with always the clients interest at heart. She has a big heart, a great smile and a wonderful bubbly personality. She's 5 star all the way!
  15. It was so nice to meet you Susan, again I should say, seeing is how we have known each other in past lives. I've really enjoyed my aura since you have grounded me. I have a few people really interested that will probably be coming to see you. Thank you for starting me on my path to enlightenment. You will definitely be seeing me again.
  16. Awesome, professional and caring. I always walk out feeling better when I came in body, mind and spirit.
  17. Very professional and punctual. I highly recommend Natural Healing Therapeutic Massage to anyone that's serious about better health!
    Christopher L.
  18. This was my first Cupping / Therapeutic Massage. Susan was very professional, knowledgeable and informative. The pain in my shoulder blade area has been reduced. I have scheduled another visit next week and I am looking forward to saying good bye to my pain.
  19. Very informative and knowledgeable. I walked in with sharp back pain and Susan helped diagnose the issue and did a fantastic job to fix it. I literally walked out feeling like a new man and I will go back soon. Thank you.
    Seth K.
  20. Susan is an amazing soul. Her hands are so warm and full of loving energy. She guided me in my search for healing, and I had a successful journey with her. I cannot wait to see her again and I cannot recommend her enough.
    Dylan B.